Comprehensive Guide to HP x360 Screen Replacement


With the rise in the use of laptops and portable devices, their maintenance has become a crucial consideration for every user. One such crucial part is the laptop’s screen – the HP x360 is no exception. At some point in time, you might need to replace your HP x360 screen due to various reasons, such as cracks or display issues. The process may seem intimidating, but with a proper step by step guide, you can confidently replace it.

Preliminary Preparations

Before starting the process of HP x360 screen replacement, it is essential to collect necessary items beforehand which includes:

  1. A new HP x360 compatible screen
  2. A Phillips-head screwdriver
  3. A plastic opening tool

Ensure that your replacement screen is identical to the original one.

Initial Steps for Screen Replacement

Start by setting your workspace. Select a clean, flat surface that is perfect for the manual task. Then, power off, unplug the laptop, and remove the battery if possible.

Screen Panel Removal

Be cautious as this is a critical step in the HP x360 screen replacement process.

  1. First, remove the screw covers on the screen panel, usually found at corners.
  2. Then, unscrew the attaching screws using the previously mentioned Phillips-head screwdriver.

Bezel Separation

Press the plastic opening tool between the screen and bezel.

Screen Disassembly

Very carefully, remove the bezel from around the screen.

Removal of Old Screen

Now, you can see the broken screen. Remove its attached screws and very gently pull it from the top.

Putting New Screen

Insert the replacement screen and insert all the screws back in.

Closing Up

Reposition the bezel, ensuring final screw placement.

Final Touches to the Screen Replacement Process

This is the final step in the HP x360 screen replacement.

  1. Make sure your screen is functioning properly.
  2. Recheck all the screws and connectors and ensure a tight fitting.


Undeniably, screen replacement requires caution.

  1. Any process involving the disassembly of electronic devices poses a risk of damaging components if not done correctly.
  2. Read the steps thoroughly before starting.


With this comprehensive guide, you are well equipped for a successful HP x360 screen replacement. Although intricate, by following carefully, you can save yourself from heavy repair costs. Accuracy is key and the task will be accomplished efficiently!

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